Gold Coast Concreting Costs

Gold Coast Concrete Driveway

What is the cost of a concreting job on the Gold Coast?

The average cost on the Gold Coast for concreting runs from $50 to $75 per square metre. The final cost can also fluctuate, depending on certain factors such as your location, access to the job site and the type of concrete finish you want. The amount of excavation required can also impact the costs.

What are the costs for common concreting services?

The costs are priced at per square metre. Some of the common concreting services that people ask for include coloured concrete which starts at around $75 which is roughly the same amount to pay for it to be sprayed on. For pebbelecrete, you would have to pay around $80It can cost you around $85 per square metre for the plain type and expect to pay more if you want a more decorative or aesthetic style finish which is about $150 per square meter.

Which factors affect costing for a concreting job?

A number of things can affect how much a concreting job will cost. First, there are the labour costs which can vary across the country but can average at $67.50/hour. We also have to take into account the actual cost of concrete. Other factors include job site accessibility (if the area is flat ground or on a slope), if drainage installation, excavation and levelling are neededThe type of finish, duration of work and equipment also add to the final cost.

Do I need drainage work to be done?

Ideally, yes you need drainage work to be done as it prevents flooding at the site and can prevent any damage. For the long term, having proper drainage in place helps maintain your home and establishments.

What is the general concreting process?

While each project is different, our general process involves preparation of the job site, framework installation, pouring of concrete, and application of treatment (for decorative concrete or specific colouring) if needed.

The site preparation includes cleaning out rubbish, drainage preparations and excavations. Likewise, we clean up after each job.

Why choose a professional concreting service?

When you choose Gold Coast Decorative Concrete you get high-quality workmanship and a client-centred service like no other. We always get the job right and on time. Our team is composed of highly talented and highly skilled workmen and tradesmen that are fully experienced, licensed and insured.

Backed by our years of service in the industry, we offer a wide array of concreting services that suit any budget for you to choose from.

How do we request a quote?

There are many ways for you to reach us for a quote free of charge! You can fill out the contact form available here on our website under the Contact Us tab, or send us an email at You can also give us a call at 0473 146 366. We’re more than happy to hear from you!