10 Steps on how to pour a concrete driveway

10 Steps on how to pour a concrete driveway

For our Gold Coast concreting clients, our resident concreting expert Chad, has put together the steps and process we go through when pouring a concrete driveway. This will help you understand the time it takes and what will be required for the job to be done professionally and to stand the test of time.

Step 1

This obviously is the before photo

Before we start excavation of the driveway

Step 2

We use a 3 ton excavator to rip out the existing concrete allowing for a 100mm thick replacement.

excavation on driveway before pouring concrete
remove old concrete driveway

Step 3

We will then drill into the face of the garage floor and also the roadside curb, steel bars will be installed, this will tie the new driveway to the road and the garage.

drill into the face of the garage floor

Step 4

Able flex is also installed between the garage floor and the roadside curb, this allows for the new concrete driveway to expand and contract between the two surfaces reducing the risk of the new concrete cracking.

able flex is installed

Step 5

Both be able flex and the dowel bars are installed.

dowel bars are installed
dowel bars in concrete

Step 6

A string line is used to provide a straight line then steel pickets are hammered into the ground and formwork is installed.

concrete driveway formwork

Step 7

Steel reinforcing is then laid on the ground within the new concrete area, this mesh should be suspended on chairs, positioning it within the concrete prior to it being poured.

steel reinforcing for concrete driveway
steel mesh suspended on chairs

Step 8

Once the concrete is placed, it should be finished with a trowel and bullnose edger, this will leave a nice rounded edge.

Concrete driveway finished with trowel
concrete driveway finished with bullnose edger

Step 9

After ball floating the concrete, the concrete will be stick troweled and then broom finished to allow for a safe non-slip surface.

stick trowel concrete driveway

Step 10

The concrete is then left for approximately two days to cure before expansion cuts are added.

expansion cuts on concrete driveway
finished concrete expansion cut

The end result. A finished plain concrete driveway.

finished plain concrete driveway