Exposed aggregate Driveways

Exposed aggregate Driveways on
the Gold coast

The true value of a concrete surface lies beneath its decorative style and the versatility that comes with its strength that goes beyond its designated durability. Exposed aggregate concrete does just that and more.

Exposed aggregate concrete has been around in the industry, and mostly in-fashion when it comes to deciding on surface finish choices. Basically, the appeal of exposed aggregate concrete is in its appearance. Fine smooth textured small stones and pebbles that become part of the concrete mix is part of the magical beauty of the exposed aggregate concrete finish.

The style factor is reminiscent of art deco in a lot of ways but today it equally evokes a certain level of visual interest by creating random patterns and a variety of colours in the application. Efficiently, it also creates attractive, low maintenance, and non-slip surface for the immediate area.

Here at Decorative Concrete, we offer limitless options that come with the practicality of using exposed aggregate finish on your pavements and floors. Essentially, because the procedure can be placed virtually anywhere when done by trusted professionals. The combinations for our exposed aggregate concrete finishes are unique with every pattern you choose and the best part is that it has all of the desired characteristics of regular concrete: durability, strength, and flexibility.

Decorative Concrete makes it possible to add textures and colours to the concrete mix with modern methods of application. We make your pavements and floors, lively murals of modern concrete art.



Lisa McBrien
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Thank you for our new driveway. Your professionalism and advice was fantastic and thanks for the quick response to all my questions. Highly recommend this company and anyone is welcome to see the before and after photos Thanks Lisa and Craig
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Chad and his team turn concrete into art. This is the second job they have done for me and very impressed once again. His team tidy up after the job is complete, they are polite, professional and do quality work.
Correy Edmed
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Had a driveway and walkway with a clean pebble finish. Easy to discuss and get the right advice and quote. Thank you.
Walker Walker
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Chad, Joel and the team just finished installing exposed aggregate around our pool area. They were friendly, easy to get hold of, turned the job around in good time and knew what they were doing. There were no surprises, they paid attention to detail, gave good advice and have done a fantastic job on what some called a difficult site. Thanks for a great experience, we’re very pleased and will happily recommend you.
Febin Raju
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Great work. The best quality I found in Chad is he always answer his call if not answered will get back within few minutes. Always updated me about the work. Has a good idea about what he is gona do and how will it look like not just that he take the time to make us understand about the work upfront. He gave a decent quote. I would recommend him to others
Margaret Gurney
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Chad and his fellas (Joel and Jason) have done an awesome job of our driveway, epoxy floor in the garage and an exposed aggregate extension out the back. Very professional, punctual and did a bloody good job all round. Thank you!! 🙂
Long Giang
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Absolutely the go to if you want good quality job done. I've had a lot of misses with getting concrete done, but if you want things done properly, go with these guys. Chad and his team are professional, responsive and prompt with their work.
Larrence Edward
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Able to help me on short notice with the best quote I got. Arrived on time, went above and beyond what I wanted, and job was done much quicker than I expected. Highly recommend!!
Karen Conaghan
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Great new look that has refreshed the exterior of the house...has definetly added value and can recommend quality job...many thanks...

Exposed aggregate Driveways

Functional yet fashionable. Stylish but built with substance. 

The best that money can buy without breaking the bank.


Because of its many favourable characteristics, exposed aggregate concrete has become the choice for many homeowners on the Gold Coast. 

Planning on having an exposed aggregate driveway?  Still not sure on how to proceed? The following information will help you decide if going for exposed aggregate concrete material is right for you – from its uses that range from the practical to fashionable, its available colour schemes, as well as patterns that are purposeful and aesthetically pleasing to better suit your surroundings.


Exposed aggregate concrete has a number of good characteristics. Builders, home and business owners note that it is:

  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Stylish
  • Economical
  • Practically zero-maintenance

Today’s market offers a good number of exposed aggregate concrete options but it should not be confused with the following terms such as “pebbletex”, “pebbletech,” and even “pebblecrete” – these are names of coating products and are not exposed aggregate concrete, to name a few. 

When it comes to coating products, the Boral Decorative range is what we highly recommend. This brand is known for its premium quality, high market value, and outstanding performance. 

We also carry a good number of quality coating products and will be happy to use your pre-specified product to meet your needs.



For aesthetics, you have multiple stone mix options you can select from our Exposed aggregate brochure. 


We recommend that you generally go for a medium wash as it’s a good balance of both worlds in terms of look and feel.

Exceptions for a medium wash are along pool areas where a light wash will do best, while driveways can be better off with a heavy wash to provide better grip (just make sure to have a strong cement base to keep stones in place).


You can choose between a top coating or penetrating sealant. We do use a top coating acrylic sealant to enhance stone colours. Get in touch with us now to know more about available sealant options

Arctic Sun


Black Night - Contains Colori

Cherry Blossom



Night Sky

Ocean Floor


River Red

Salt and Pepper


Sliver Frost - Contains Colori

Winter Red