Repairing Cracks in Your Concrete Driveway

Repairing Cracks in Your Concrete Driveway on Gold Coast

Protect your investment

Having a concrete driveway on your property is always a good investment because of the value it brings. Concrete driveways are cost-effective, easy to install, and are durable. But, with all things being exposed to the elements and considering the constant wear and tear that driveways get, there will always be some degree of damage. This is where repairs come in.

Why do repairs?

Repairs and regular maintenance is a good way to ensure that any damage or issues are minimized which can help you save on big bucks down the road. Doing repairs also gives you a chance to put some creative touches on your driveway. 

So, when considering doing repairs on your concrete driveway, here are a few things to remember:

Know what caused the need for repairs

A proper assessment of what needs to be repaired is very much helpful especially when you are just about to start. Are the cracks caused by regular wear and tear? Are tree roots and soil movement the cause? Here you’d know if you’d need to do a resurfacing or have to replace the concrete slab altogether. This allows you to plan ahead and set up the appropriate budget needed.

Start clean

Before doing any repairs on your concrete driveway, it must be thoroughly cleaned. You can use a pressure washer or high powered hose to help remove any dirt, debris, mould, or any loose bits of rock and concrete. You can also add in a masonry cleaning solution that has strong degreasing agents to help get rid of plant staining and moulds. A clean surface ensures that new concrete can be laid or put in smoothly and evenly.

Have the right tools

Having the right tools by your side makes for a fast and easy repair. Some of the common tools you would need are a pressure washer, safety goggles, a mixing paddle, concrete edger, finishing trowel, wire brush,  and a flat edge trowel.

The right mix

Having the right consistency of concrete can make a difference. A too thick or dry or even a too-thin mix will result in a sub-par repair. Remember, you’re doing repairs to help save money and not the other way around.

Properly dry your concrete driveway

Once you have mixed and poured the concrete and filled out the cracks, you have to give the repaired areas ample time to dry. Ideally, an overnight drying period will be fine. You just need to block off the area (and even cover it with tarp in case of rain) to let your concrete driveway dry in peace. Once your driveway is completely dry, you can now apply the resurfacer (start in small areas and apply evenly) by spreading it out with a rubber squeegee.

Call the experts

Some repair jobs such as small cracks or holes can do with a DIY patch or fill job. But if you don’t have the time and need to tackle bigger repairs such as resurfacing or structural damage, call in the experts like Gold Coast Decorative Concrete. Having the experts guarantees that the job is right and fast right away, thus making your concrete driveway as good as new or even better.

For concrete driveway repairs, call Gold Coast Decorative Concrete today!