Best Concrete Driveway Ideas + Tips from the Leading Concreters on the Gold Coast

The contractors are nearly done building your home, and you and your family are looking forward to moving in. Alas, your driveway still looks like a half-finished construction site and you don’t have any design ideas how to get it started.

Well, let us help you. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the best concrete driveway ideas available for homeowners right now. We also have some useful tips from the leading concreters on the Gold Coast on how to get the most out of your money when building your driveway. Let’s get started.

Best Concrete Driveway Ideas on the Gold Coast

Classic exposed aggregate driveway

Classic exposed aggregate is one of the oldest and most popular driveway designs. To make exposed aggregate, sand is mixed with cement and decorative coloured pebbles to create a driveway that is not just beautiful but also durable. The aggregates are either mixed right into the cement and sand, or they can be seeded or overlaid. The decorative surface is then exposed by brushing it and hosing it down with water.

Stencilled driveway

If you don’t like a plain concrete driveway, then maybe add a stencilled pattern to it to make it more unique. Creating a stencilled driveway is easy. Your concreter’s crew will overlay a vinyl stencil on the concrete and trim it to ensure that it does not overlap to the sides. The stencilled surface is then sprinkled with colour hardener and finished using a concrete bull float.

Coloured driveway

The usual grey driveway can make your home look boring. Break away from dreary greys by having your driveway coloured by the best concreter on the Gold Coast. You can choose from rich, earthy tones or bold, modern ones. Homeowners also have the option to choose multiple colours to apply on concrete.

Coloured Driveway sample

Stamped driveway

This is one of the most affordable modifications you can do to a plain concrete driveway. You’ll have different patterns to choose from, including traditional cobblestone and eye-catching fan patterns. You can also have the driveway textured or stamp a unique compass pattern on the surface.

Stained driveway

This is another great way to add colour to your concrete driveway. Our expert concreters on the Gold Coast recommend this method as it’s not just affordable but also lasts a long time. Standard grey stains have always been consistent homeowners favourites, but you can also choose earthy browns, sophisticated rose, or striking blues.

Stained Driveway sample on the gold coast

Polished driveway

A gleaming polished driveway can drive up your home’s kerb appeal. Polishing a driveway can be done manually using a trowel, or this can be made easier using a burnishing machine.

Painted driveway

Revitalise a dirty and oil-stained concrete driveway by having it painted. When you have your driveway painted, you get the added benefit of having the concrete cleaned as it pressure washed before application. Paint is applied using a roller brush once the slab is fully dry.

Tips from the Leading Concreters on the Gold Coast

  • Choose a reputable and professional contractor. Check their portfolio, and always ask for references before the actual work starts.
  • If you’re going to have the driveway stained or painted, then make sure that your chosen colour matches your house’s.
  • Make sure that you are clear with what you want and that your contractor stays within your budget.